O’Neill & Son Plumbing & Heating business roots are in the St. John’s area Residential sector and we continue to serve the industry with the utmost pride and quality offerings.

These are the kinds of calls we answer and service:

  • copper waterline replacement with PEX
  • no water pressure
  • no hot water
  • no cold water
  • banging from pipes
  • outside faucet broke
  • locate inside main water shut off/valve
  • burst water pipes
  • frozen pipes
  • toilet making noise
  • toilet handle broken
  • shower leaking
  • leak from ceiling
  • radiators leaking
  • toilet overflow or leaking
  • leaking faucets and sinks
  • washer or dishwasher hook up
  • etc.


Call 330 4295  for 24/7 response to issues like the above.


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